Smarttanks Concrete Systems

The Smarttanks Concrete Sewage Treatment System is separated into two chambers within a single, watertight, high strength tank. Raw sewage enters the first chamber where it is stored and where initial treatment occurs. The second chamber is the treatment zone where the effluent is treated. The first chamber also acts as a settlement zone, preventing any large solids or grease from entering the second chamber. Wastewater is treated in the second chamber prior to discharge into the percolation system.

The Smarttanks system uses an advanced sequence batch reactor (SBR) technology to treat wastewater to far higher than the required EPA standards. As it only cycles the wastewater, there is no requirement for any air pumps to be running 24/7, as with many of the basic systems on the Irish Market. The SBR process is highly effective at dealing with shock loads (typical of a domestic house) making the system much more robust and versatile than other basic systems that rely on a constantly pumping air blower.

All of our systems are available in both ‘gravity’ and ‘pump’ discharge to percolation:

          8 Person ‘Gravity’ System



8 Person ‘Pump’ System

Another advantage of the SBR system is its ability to adjust energy consumption with high/low flows, hence, reducing electrical costs. An SBR system treats wastewater in a cycle of four phases namely fill, react, settle and discharge. The system repeats this cycle the fewest number of times necessary.

Where a higher degree of effluent quality is required, then we can incorporate UV treatment, Phosphorus reduction or Nitrogen removal to provide any level or effluent quality required by your Local Authority. The reactor can also be modified to achieve 5mg/l BOD and 5mg/l SS.

The ClearFox® Concrete SBR sewage treatment system can be designed specifically to suit any development up to 5000 PE. The system is designed in a modular fashion and comprises multiple tanks. Where a commercial development is being constructed in a phased basis, the system can be installed over a period of time as required. Our commercial/industrial system can be designed to cater for any application – regardless of the size or volumes of effluent, including guesthouses, bars, restaurants, visitor centres, offices, schools, golf courses, etc.

8 Person ‘Single Tank’ System




12 Person ‘Twin Tank’ System

Our concrete tanks are manufactured locally at Magheracloone, Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan. Each concrete system is manufactured in a controlled factory environment with all internal components installed prior to delivery to site.

Many systems on the Irish market use a very old treatment process that relies on an air pump running constantly to supply bacteria within the system with oxygen. A constantly running pump means large bills, regular maintenance and frequent replacement of parts from wear and tear. This means constant cost for the end user. The SepMax ClearFox® Concrete SBR uses 60% less electricity than conventional systems in eco-mode, which means low energy costs. As the small air pump is not working constantly it lasts longer and requires less maintenance. This all results in a cost saving every year.

The ClearFox® Concrete SBR system achieves a remarkable effluent quality that is far higher than the minimum requirement in Ireland. The ClearFox® Concrete SBR can also deal with extended periods of very low flow (holiday homes) or periods of very high inflow (>50%) without compromising on effluent quality. This makes the ClearFox® Concrete SBR a very reliable and robust system – giving the end user total peace of mind. The ClearFox® Concrete SBR can also be designed to incorporate a higher degree of effluent quality for sensitive sites (UV treatment, Phosphorus removal).

There are 4 Stages in the Treatment Process: (Fill, React, Settle, Discharge)

1.         Primary Settlement: The wastewater   flows into   pre-chamber one for primary treatment. Solid substances settle and are partially broken down by anaerobic bacteria and then one batch is transferred by an airlift pump into the biological reactor for treatment.

2.         Biological Reactor: Biological cleaning now occurs when the biological reactor is filled. The wastewater is circulated in the SBR reactor using air fed in through the membrane plates and the bacteria are supplied with oxygen.

3.         Sedimentation: A  settlement  phase  occurs  after  the  aeration  phase  when  the  sludge  material  sinks (sedimentation) to the bottom of the system. This allows clarified water to form at the top of the biological reactor. The clarified wastewater is then discharged into the outlet drain by the airlift pump, and hence lowers the water level in the reactor. Discharge to percolation can be by pump or gravity.

4.         Sludge Return The secondary sludge (excess sludge) is transferred back to pre-chamber one. The first sludge return only activates 90 days after start-up – as insufficient sludge will be present prior to this.

8 Person Twin Tank System

Twin Tank 8PE

System Advantages

The Smarttanks ClearFox® Concrete SBR achieves the same effluent treatment standards as other systems in a very compact tank, making it easy to install. The footprint of the tank is also small, with only two small manholes and the control box visible after installation (control box can be placed in a nearby shed if required) removing the visual impact caused by multiple large tanks and above ground systems.

No Moving Parts In The Tank – The system only has a single moving part. This is a single small 60 watt air blower. This drives the whole treatment process. This blower is located in a secure, watertight housing.

Meets the highest EU and Local Authority standards – Our system has the latest EN12566-3 certificate to the Irish Annex.

Unlike many systems that blow air constantly into the treatment tank (this air must then leave the tank – causing odour!), the cycling process within the ClearFox® Concrete SBR system cycles the effluent intermittently, allowing for odourless operation.

Our Concrete Sewage Treatment Systems can deal with shock loads of wastewater, and intermittent loadings from developments with variable flows of wastewater such as holiday home applications without affecting the treatment process. Only SBR systems can do this.

Locally Produced and EN12566/3 Certified

The ClearFox® Concrete SBR domestic system can cater for any number of people. Systems can be installed for new dwellings, but the system can also be employed to replace an existing septic tank, or a problematic or damaged tank