The Eco-Fit  is a septic tank conversion unit which converts your existing septic tank into a sewage treatment system. This discreet, reliable and cost effective solution drastically improves effluent quality from your septic tank and helps to prevent inevitable blockages in your percolation area.

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The Eco-Fit Septic Tank Conversion System is engineered using only the latest and best sewage treatment plant technology.

Highly efficient diffusers release millions of tiny bubbles every minute to ensure a massive surface area for efficient oxygen exchange.

One of the secrets of efficient effluent degradation is to have sufficient biological media for bacteria to colonise.

To do this the media must have the largest surface area possible. The Eco-Fit System achieves this by using a natural porous media less than 5 micron in diameter these tiny particles are honeycombed with millions of tiny holes for the bacteria to colonise.

We also only use reliable linear air pumps that are robust, energy efficient and have been used for many years in this industry.

To ensure your system gets off to a flying start we also include a starter pack of our natural blend of ‘Septo-Boost’ which contains enzymes, microbes and micronutrients for the fast build-up of an efficient, effluent busting bio-mass.

This gives you typical final effluent quality of less than 20:30 BOD:SS.



The Eco-Fit can be retro-fitted to most concrete or fibreglass septic tanks and is available in gravity outlet or pump discharge. For a pump discharge system it is important however that the tank is structurally sound and adequately sealed.

The Eco-Fit system is also available in its own concrete tank as an add on wastewater treatment system and will greatly improve the quality of effluent discharged to your percolation area.


Why use the Eco-Fit System?

  • No disruptive excavations required avoiding disturbance to existing garden
  • Utilises existing tank and provides excellent effluent quality
  • Low cost alternative which can save up to 90% on alternative remedies
  • Full installation available as well as DIY option
  • Extends life of percolation area and in some cases will help to repair existing percolation problems

Questions & Answers

What is it?

The ECO-FIT Septic Tank Conversion unit switches the anaerobic bacteria in the septic tank to aerobic bacteria these aerobic bacteria are 20 times more efficient at breaking down effluent giving you much lower BOD levels at discharge.

What does it do?

It vastly decrease BOD levels in the effluent discharge and will cure failed drain-fields which are blocked by bio-slime, typical output 15:20:15 BOD:SS:Ammonia this exceeds the  standard of 20:30:20.

How many people will a system deal with?

Our smallest system deals with up to 19 people. We have large systems for commercial premises.

Can it be fitted to any Septic Tank?

Yes as long as the tank has a minimum inlet pipe size of 4” (110mm).

What does the customer need to provide for the installation?

A power supply within 25 metres of the septic tank.

How long is the warranty?

2 years on the electrics and 5 years on the diffuser and filter – provided the air pump is serviced every 12 months.

Does it meet European Standard EN12566

European Standard EN12566 EN 12566 currently consists of 7 parts. Some parts are still in preparation only part 1 and part 3 have been published to-date, they refer to pre-package systems which include the tank.

The part of the standard referring to conversion units has not been published yet. However when designing the ECO-FIT conversion units we have designed them to provide 10 times more oxygen than is required for a given BOD/Ammonia loading ,thus providing a massive safety factor.

Can be fitted to existing systems and does not have to meet EN12566.

Does the ECO-FIT System solve every septic tank and percolation problem?

Of the 497,000 septic tanks in Ireland there are many different problems, but many different solutions to these problems. The ECO-Fit does not remedy every septic tank problem and advice from an industry professional should be sought prior to any remedial works being carried out. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to a Septic Tank Upgrade or to provide a no obligation site survey at your property.